The New Europe Centre for Regional Studies in Plovdiv is a private non-profit research institution, registered with the National Statistical Institute in Bulgaria. Its main activities are research and consultation in the field of social, political and economic change in the country and the region of South-East and Eastern Europe. The Centre has conducted quantitative and qualitative studies on the local, regional and European level and has provided expertise to national and European bodies in the field of social policy, business, economics, politics and statistics.


The Centre has seven faculty members and relies on the co-operation with experts from different disciplines and institutions. Most closely the Centre is linked to the University of Plovdiv and the Institute of Sociology in the Academy of Sciences in Sofia. Our wide partnership allows careful selection of researchers to participate in the projects conducted by the Centre. The Centre has experience in extensive use of statistical data provided by the National Statistical Institute and European data agencies. It complements this information with empirical data produced by its own researchers. They have carried out countrywide surveys, research into local labour markets, as well as focus-group and in-depth-interviews and life-history approach. Researchers in the Centre have written monitoring reports and evaluations for the Ministry of Labour and Social Care, the Ministry of Education, The European Commission, The Council of Europe, The European Youth Forum. Members of the Centre have participated in Tempus/PHARE programme, the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Commission, the Open Society Research Support Scheme, the Social Science Research Council Fellowships, the MacArthur fellowship programme. The Centre organises scientific seminars and conferences using the Home of the Union of Bulgarian Scientists in the Old City of Plovdiv.

The New Europe Centre has specialised in research of a wide range of topics such as labour markets, unemployment, changing conditions of work, social stratification and inequality, poverty, political behaviour and civic culture. Its most important international projects are: Public Attitudes to Volunteering (Open Society Foundation), An Evaluation of Programmes to Assist the Young Unemployed in East-Central Europe (ACE Programme, European Commission), The Young Self Employed and Their Support Schemes in Post Communist Countries (Overseas Development Administration, UK), Households, Work and Flexibility (Fifth Framework Programme, European Commission) and Democratic Attitudes in Central and Eastern Europe (Research Support Scheme, Open Society Foundation).

The New Europe Centre has participated in 5th Framework programme projects and conducted a number of research studies with close cooperation with partners from different European countries:

Households, Work and FlexibilityВ - 2000-2003В 
Youth Policy and Participation2001-2004В 
Families and Transitions in Europe- 2001-2004В 
Transitions:Gender, Parenthood and the Changing European Workplace: young adults negotiating the work-family boundary 2002-2005В 
Thematic Study on Policy Measures Concerning Disadvantaged Youth, Directorate of Employment and Social Affairs- 2004-2005


The New Europe Centre has participated in 6th Framework programme projects and conducted a number of research studies with close cooperation with partners from different European countries:

CINEFOGO:В Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in EuropeВ 
Quality:В Quality of Life in a Changing EuropeВ 
Up2Youth:В Youth - Actor of Social Change