Participants: Alexandre, Anais, Andreas, Annegret, Axel, Barry, Berrin, Bj?rn, Boris, C?line, Christian,

Demet, Dominic, Fransez, Grainne, Harriet, Ilaria, Janet, Jessica, L?na, Larissa, Morena, Nigel,

Patricia, Siyka, Susanne, Torbj?rn, Ya?mur, Zulmir


At the meeting the national teams reported the activities during the first year of the project. The

national reports and the comparative report mapping the local youth participation scenes in the 8

cities are ready. The drafts of the two reports on the European framework were presented by Siyka

Kovacheva and Boris Popivanov . The teams discussed the coding of the texts of the focus groups

and the expert interviews and the criteria for selection of the 6 case studies. which will be carried

out in the second year of the project.